Saturday, 17 March 2018

Bowled Over

This lady is leaving BBC Radio 2:
Why is that motoring news?
Because she is the lovely Lynn Bowles (or "Elbow" to give her her Jennifer Lopez type name)
For many years, she has told me why I'm stuck in a traffic jam on the M53.  I don't think she's ever prevented me from actually getting stuck in said traffic jam on the M53 but that's probably more to do with a combination of the timings within Chris Evans' show and the time I happen to be eating my Special K in a morning.
She does the travel news.  And has done for 18 years - without the aid of a helicopter.
This article doesn't actually say WHY she is leaving, but it does imply that after 18 years of getting up at silly-o'clock every weekday, she fancies a few lie-ins from now on.
Can't say I blame her but I will miss her.  She has a great sense of humour that played very well against Chris Evans and against his predecessor, the late, great Sir Terry Wogan.
Plus, she's Welsh.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Women Drivers, Eh?

Here are some:
The one on the left has just been given a new job.  She is going to be a test-driver for the Sauber F1 Team.
The one in the middle is rallying legend Michele Mouton.
The one on the right has recently criticised the one below.
But then again, I sort of did too - in 2015.  And so has Jensen Button now.
The recent criticism is about her ("her" being Carmen Jorda) claiming that a "physical issue" was the barrier preventing women from competing in Formula 1 or Formula 2.  Susie Wolff, the third woman in the top photo responded with a tweet pointing out that motorsport doesn't care about gender.
Susie Wolff became the first woman in 22 years to take part in a Formula 1 race weekend in 2014 - and is married to the team boss.
I'm not too sure that motorsport doesn't care about gender - especially given by the responses to her tweet and the fact that it has taken until 2018 to sort out the grid-girl situation.
However, if you want to see a really tough woman driver, please watch the video in this story
Her name is Charmaine Laurie.  I was very impressed when I first saw the footage which was before it had been identified that it was a woman driver.

After I knew it was a woman driver though, I was impressed at exactly the same level.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

A Knight Against The Museum

Social media pointed me at a couple of motoring stories this morning.

The first was an Autocar story from earlier in the week about the new Audi A6 "thanks to its complete reinvention inside and out, with a new look, fresh technology and a bolstering of its sporting appeal".

The "new look" was the bit of that phrase that was garnering most comments. Probably because it looks exactly like every other Audi produced this Century:
However, the story that I actually found interesting was from a source new to me -

They were getting very excited about a proposed massive new motor museum to grace an area in The Cotswolds.

They got so excited about it that you need 15 minutes and a mug of tea to read the whole piece.  I was getting suspicious because it was such a pro article that I thought it was an advertorial.  But, after a bit of digging, including looking at the local press on the subject, I think they are just genuinely very excited at the prospect of American businessman and car collector, Peter Mullin, building something special to be enjoyed by classic car enthusiasts:
The fly in the ointment, is objections to the project from groups concerned that it includes a number of luxury "lodges" where low-cost housing would serve the locals better - plus there is debate as to whether this is building on green-belt or brown-field land.

The housing side of it certainly gets a lot more prominence in the Oxford Mail than in

A leading spokesman for these objecting groups is a bit of a car nut himself, Sir Patrick Stewart: 
He has a home in The Cotswolds so maybe he's concerned about traffic - or the view - both concerns are answered to some extent within the article.

You'd think he would be in favour of enterprise.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Space Tourism

It looks like NASA are not very pleased with Elon Musk sending his Tesla Roadster off to discover new worlds.
Here's the Metro (the newspaper not the motoring Blogger) story.
They are worried about space junk. (They being NASA, not me or the Metro newspaper)
I would be more worried about finding charging points.
Or more philosophical questions like, "If it was travelling at the Speed of Light, what would happen when you switched on the headlamps?"
Anyway, at least the thought of cars touring about space is pretty exciting.
Which is presumably why Citroen have a car called a Spacetourer.  They've had it for a couple of years but I never noticed.
Presumably because it is this...
- a van-sized people-carrier.
I only found out about it today because I read this Autocar story about Citroen renaming their C4 Picassos to be C4 Spacetourers - to bring them into line with it.
Now I regard people-carriers (or MPVs) as highly as I regard SUVs and CUVs. In other words - I don't.
Someone in the Citroen marketing department is being very optimistic.
Maybe they need a rocket under them.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Pig Of A Journey

Or not.

Because we're talking Kermit, not Piggy.
And we're talking about a big PUB CRAWL!
We're talking about a green car.  Which all seem to be called Kermit if you do a Google search for "Kermit Car".
Except my car - which is green and most definitely does not have a name - unless you count "Jaguar X-Type Estate" as its name.
But the green car which is called Kermit is in this BBC story about Ben Coombs who has driven his car 20000 miles across 21 countries, starting at the most northerly pub in the world and finishing at the most southerly.
The impressive thing is it is a TVR.
You expect a TVR to be photographed like this:
Not this: 
The first photo is the TVR having a clutch replaced en route in Nicaragua - the only major work done on the car on the entire journey.  As I say - impressive.
The car is now being shipped back to Britain.  Presumably Ben's liver will be having a rest now.