Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Talking of Donald Trump...

I've never posted twice on the same day before but Donnie's favourite news channel covered a car story about his favourite activity.  (That's Fox News and Tweeting, by the way - Meryl Streep overrated? - what a childish prat he is!)

Anyway, I'll not post the link to Fox because they have taken it word-for-word (albeit correctly crediting the item) from this Newser story.

The gist is that a Twitter user complained to Tesla founder Elon Musk about people leaving their cars at charging stations after they had charged up which prevented other electric car drivers from using the stations to charge up their own cars.  Within minutes, Musk replied: "You're right, this is becoming an issue. Supercharger spots are meant for charging, not parking. Will take action."
Six days later he had introduced a 40-cents-a-minute charge if the car is left there once charged up (with a five-minute grace period). This doesn't sound a lot but works out at about £10 for half-an-hour which I most certainly wouldn't pay for car-parking.

Hopefully enough to stop the selfish twits.

Will Donald Halt The Trumpchi?

We know that the next President of the United States is no fan of the Chinese - even though they own most of the US debt.  But would he really want to prevent them importing cars called Trumpchis?  Judging by this  Car+Driver coverage of their appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, they could be appearing on US shores at some point during Donnie's time.

And they look like they may sell:
They may want to change its name in the Northern States though.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Future Proof

Back at the end of 2015, there was speculation about a new car company called Faraday Future.  I speculated upon it myself.  Most of my speculation was about who was behind this ambitious electric car start-up. Apple was a contender but there was also much consideration of The Chinese.

The latter turned out to be the case.

There was also speculation about whether or not they would actually be able to produce a vehicle.

Well they have.  They launched it last night at CES in Las Vegas

Autocar have it here.  Autoguide here.

It looks quite nice.
in a Peugeot/Citroën Crossover sort of way.

Although it is huge.  And probably very heavy.

The BBC go into a bit more detail about the launch, the backers and ensuing awkwardness therein.

I have no doubt that there will be potential buyers out there but now the speculation has moved over to whether or not they will be able to build it in big-enough numbers.

It should be fast.  According to the BBC, pre-recorded footage showed the car accelerating from standstill to 60mph in 2.39 seconds - that's faster than the competition from Tesla.  Autoguide say it can do 500mph which sounds unbelieveable unless you read it properly and realise that it can get enough charge for 500 miles in one hour.  It doesn't say what sort of charger they are using.

If you're interested, it's a $5000 deposit now and another $175000 when if rolls off the production line.

They are speculating 2018 for that.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Merry Twixtmas

That's not a time for eating Twixes,

It is the time betwixt Christmas and New Year.

So here are a couple of nice videos to enjoy.

The first was what Americans were enjoying in the 1980s  which I can thank Car+Driver for pointing out.

The second is what we were enjoying in the UK at about the same time.  Probably not the first time I've linked to it - but it is one of my all-time favourite car ads thanks to getting Brian May on board.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

So THAT'S Where the Line is.

After the previous episode of The Grand Tour, I was a little surprised that there hadn't been any complaints about the sex-toy content of it.

Now we have some - only it is from the next episode and they are about Richard Hammond making a comment about how if a man eats an ice-cream - he is probably gay.

There has been a "back-lash".

I'm not on Twitter so I didn't notice it.

The BBC did.  But they were probably more miffed at his little dig about slowing down when he drove a Mustang past The Cenotaph.  The rest of the media also noticed it though, right from The Independent through to the Daily Fail.

The last time Hammond was in trouble was when he insulted the Mexicans - but that soon blew over when they realised HE WAS ONLY JOKING.

Just like in this case.

We all know Jeremy and Co. thrive on controversy - I'm surprised nothing has come up before this during the last two years of filming.  But the people making the most noise about this one seem to be those who don't know the show and certainly don't watch the show.  It's like Russell Brand, the Mexicans and every other Clarkson incident before and since.  I don't complain when Katie Hopkins spouts her latest piece of attention-seeking bile in The Sun - because I wouldn't touch it.  So she can say what she likes to people gullible enough to believe what it says in there.   If she does start to pollute things I would watch or read, then I would complain.

But let's do a quick unscientific experiment to see if eating an ice-cream:

- specifically a Magnum like they were talking about - could be construed as homosexual behaviour.  I shall use Google Images Search.

There are plenty of pictures of sexy women with Magnums, what if you look for "Man eating Magnum".  This is the first picture you get:

 Well, he doesn't look particularly gay, here is the second picture:
OK, well here is a Vauxhall Magnum, does that look gay?
No, of course it doesn't.  And neither does this picture of Magnum PI.