Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I Asked Google for a Picture of Richard Osman with Jeremy Clarkson

But it couldn't find one.

So here's a picture of Richard Osman with a picture of Jeremy Clarkson.
Richard might not be too comfortable with that.

I've just watched last night's "Have I Got a Bit More News For You?" - the extended version of last Friday's "Have I Got News for You?"

Jeremy was hosting and Richard was a guest - two of my most favourite people on telly.  Richard, the urbane, witty and very likeable Quizzer and Jeremy - who is simply Jeremy.

There were a few unusual rants early on in the show.  Paul Merton had a go at Trident and Ian Hislop kicked off about Lord Ashcroft.  Reasonable subjects to get annoyed with but they seemed strange in the context of the show.

There was also some right-wing journalist there to make snide remarks the way that right-wing journalists tend to do.

And she did.

But nowhere near as badly as Richard did - and all of his were directed at Jeremy.  I don't know what Jeremy has done to offend him but he went completely over the top - calling him a cock, past his prime, who knows less about cars than Chris Evans - things got personal.

I know Richard's eye condition, nystagmus, means that he isn't allowed to drive - so maybe he was turned down to appear as a "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car".

Google also can't find any pictures of Richard Osman with Richard Hammond.

Or with James May either.

Now that would explain it.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

Rear-view mirrors?  Well this is a motoring story.

For the past few days, my local electronic road-sign has been informing me (and anyone else passing it) that as of October 1st, it is illegal to smoke in a car when a "U18" is present.  They must have been just short of enough characters to write "child".

The law did indeed change on Thursday - the Beeb cover it here.  Including a video of a very selfish woman called Lucy Hardcastle.

I first broached the subject back in 2010 with my detailed analysis entitled, "Doctors Today Urged that Smoking be Banned in Cars - Are They Right?"

Anyway, according to Auntie Beeb, the new law states that "A law banning smoking in vehicles carrying children has come into force in England and Wales"

I think it needs a bit of clarification though.  They do state that e-Cigs are not included - and, quite sensibly, people in convertibles with the hood down are not included.  I would imagine cigars will be included.  But what about smoking pipes, or pot?  Or whatever it is that this doll that they used for the research is smoking:
And here's another question...
What happens when it is the U18 that is doing the smoking?

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Remember back in the optimistic days of Spring 2014 when Tesco started hinting at its forthcoming Fuelsave promotion?

Well today is the last day that you can spend all of those Fuelsave savings.

No, it didn't have a big impact on my life either.

Anyway, to make up for it, Sainsbury's kick off their new fuel/moneysaving promotion.

The Telegraph report it thusly:   Sainsbury's launches '5p a litre discount'

The deal is that Sainsburys give you 10 Nectar Points for every litre of fuel you buy off them.

But they already give you one point per litre anyway. And Nectar Points, being mostly rubbish, are only worth a halfpenny anyway.  And, given that this only lasts for October, and they've stopped giving points for re-using carrier bags and they've stopped selling two packs of crumpets for £1 - well, I'll not be retiring this month.

Still, here's a nice picture of an old bus in a Sainsburys filling station:
I'm presuming it was an open-top BEFORE it went under the canopy.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

What has the VW XL1 Got in Common With the Beastie Boys?

Two things actually.

I dislike both and they both wear a VW badge.
My main argument with the XL1 is how ugly it is. But I covered that back in 2012.  It does, however, have something in its favour in that it gets exceptional economy and ultra-low emissions per mile out of its little diesel engine.

Or so Volkswagen claimed anyway.

But can you trust them?

Even the non-motoring press has exploded this week about the VW emissions scandal.  Here's a pretty good, albeit brief, summary from BBC News. Today it was announced, as was suspected all along, that it wasn't just US cars affected.

Their boss, Martin Winterkorn, has Winter-gone.
They could lose their Economy World Record too.  The test car was economical - but it was outputting silly, maybe illegal, amounts of NOx while it was doing it.

Well, to help redress the balance, here's some free advertising for them from me:
After all, they're not really a bad company are they?

I mean, it's not like they were set up by Hitler or anything is it?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Houston, We Have A Problem

It's nearer Dallas actually, but it's the Houston Chronicle that I'm linking to here for the story behind this idiot and this very patient Police Officer.

The guy did not have a valid licence so maybe that's why he was so obstructive but he must have thought he would get away with it given that it is his own footage that has gone viral here.  All of his arguments were proved wrong.

The Chronicle story is here.