Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Would EU Believe It?

I have touched on the EU Referendum before.  It was in March.

And now I'm touching on it again.

Autocar report that Nissan are planning to sue Vote Leave over a Brexit flyer in which they claim that “Major employers have all said they’ll stay in the UK whatever the result of the referendum” which may be true but they use various employers logos alongside this statement implying by association that these employers are pro-Brexit. Nissan are pro-Bremain so don't want to be appearing on these flyers.

I suspect it will be something about use of a trademarked logo that they will get them for.

The FT have the story too.  I love the way that their website is pink to match their newspaper.  They state...
"Some of the country’s largest manufacturers — Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, BMW and Vauxhall — on Monday issued a renewed pledge to protect jobs and investment by voting to remain.

Other major manufacturers such as Nissan and Ford have already said they would prefer the UK to remain part of the EU, although none of the companies have said they will close UK plants in the event of a Brexit."

So Nissan haven't actually said they will stay open, they just haven't said they'd close.  Toyota & Vauxhall logos also appear on the leaflet - I guess they won't be too happy either.

I could imagine a small 1970s saloon being called the Ford Brexit.  But that's just how my mind works.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has backed his up Remain views (look back to my March article) with an amusing video featuring James May.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Everything's Going To Be All Right

I promise that this is the last Top Gear review-type thing I do for this series.

During the week I came to the revelation that Chris Evans was doomed to failure - I saw him as David Moyes trying to fill the impressive shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson.

I say "impressive" reluctantly as someone who does NOT support Man United.

But whoever took over from the red-faced one with anger-management issues was never going to win over the fans of just about the biggest franchise in the World unless the resulting performances were brilliant.

And they weren't.

So he got the push.

Then Louis Van Gaal took over.

Same result.

I saw the same thing happening with Top Gear - Chris gets the gig for one Season, then someone else takes over but doesn't improve things, then Jose Mourinho gets the job and all is well again.

But maybe, after last night's performance, the tide is turning.  I think this was the first show filmed after the disastrous reaction to show 1.

Evans was noticeably less shouty and Matt LeBlanc seemed to be leading the studio bits.  The newcomers were allowed in to comment on their films and the interview was enjoyable - although Kevin Hart had a lot to do with that and Anthony Joshua played his part too.

Overall, I thought, "Everything's Going To Be All Right." - and so did the press.


Here's the Mirror view and here's the Telegraph.

I think the back-room team might just be able to sort this.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Not Two Bad

Last week, I stated how new Top Gear needed three front people rather than two.

After episode 2, I still stand by that - although episode 2 was better than episode 1.  Although that may have had something to do with Eddie Jordan joining Evans & LeBlanc for the road-trip.

Still not got the chemistry working properly yet though.

The Internet seems more interested in watching Clarkson, May & Hammond assembling DHL packing boxes.

Which got me thinking.

Three middle-aged men - good chemistry - good comedy.

Now I know I've always banged on about how car shows should be presented by motoring journalists or racing drivers.

But, let's be honest, Top Gear is a comedy show with car bits in there too.

So this is who the BBC should have got in to front it...
They have all that is needed.

Including the cardboard boxes.

Monday, 30 May 2016

3 Is The Magic Number - Unless You're Talking about the Number of Wheels on a Car.

Of course I watched the new Top Gear last night.

So did a lot of other people.

And a lot of people have given their views on it - including Fleet Street people.

The guy in The Independent didn't like it much.  I did enjoy his writing style though.  Unusually for The Telegraph, their reviewer didn't hate car programmes.  But, over all, he reckoned it could probably do better. The Guardian didn't bother reviewing it so let their readers do it instead.  Guardian readers are not known for having petrol running through their veins so, not unsurprisingly, they gave it a general thumbs-down.

Which brings us around to me.

I thought it had its moments.

Not too many of them though.  The Corvette/Viper shoot-out could have been done just as well without the shooting bit.

And the road-trip to Blackpool just didn't do anything for me.

Top Gun pukey bloke and the Blackpool Lord Mayor were both quite good.  And the cinematography was up to the excellent standards of Clarkson Top Gear.

But something was still missing.

Apart from "The News" which was always one of my favourite bits of the show.

Which brings us to the comedy rule of three.  Here's the Wiki explanation of it.

They need Eddie Jordan or Chris Harris in the studio and on the road trips so that two of them can always pick on the third.  Then, as the chemistry between them kicks in, we will have a good show - like, The Goodies or Last of the Summer Wine which, let's face it, Clarkson, Hammond & May were definitely turning in to.  Having said that, I am noticing that Chris Evans appears to be turning into Foggy Dewhurst:

There was no sign of Jordan, Harris or Rory Reid - Reid being the one worrying me most simply because I had no experience of his work.  I needn't have feared though - he turned up on Extra Gear on the BBC iPlayer (or BBC Three if you are being pedantic) in a little 25 minutes after-show alongside Chris Harris.  It included a comedy guest (Chris Ramsey) and "The News".  I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Top Gear.

Still no mention of Jordan - who I used to enjoy being the grumpy one when appearing on the BBC F1 coverage with Martin Brundle & David Coulthard - rule of three again.

So, still early days, give them chance to gel and let's see what we end up with.  I'm not convinced that the writing is as sharp as Clarkson's - although there were a few good bits like, "We got custody!" and maybe Evans needs to calm down a bit.  Whatever happens, I think TG has a future (as does GT - Clarkson and Co have a name at last) - even if it is with Harris & Reid.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Wife Drives a Small, Darkish Blue, Japanese-Badged Car

So does The Prime Minister's now.

Several news outlets had the story this week.

Of Samantha Cameron's car, not Mrs.Metro's.

Here is ITV News covering it.

Here is the accompanying picture:
Oxfordshire used-car dealer Iain Harris sold Mr.C a Micra for £1495. There is no mention of Mrs.C being present.  Or having had a test-drive.  Or having had any say in the matter whatsoever.

When my wife bought her small, darkish blue, Japanese-badged car she researched what she wanted, test-drove it and negotiated the deal.  And used her own money to pay for it

Now there could be the rub - Sam Cam got a free car!  But, not wanting to sound ungrateful, if the Prime Minister was buying me a car - I'D WANT SOMETHING BETTER THAN A £1500, SECOND-HAND MICRA!

Sam Cam is supposed to be a modern, intelligent woman - surely she can choose and finance her own transport.

It looks like one of these:
So it is at least 6 years old.

And a Micra!

I'm not sure of Dave's car-buying skills either. The article claims he spent half an hour inspecting the car.  But this seems to have just been checking if the brake-lights worked.  Is buying a used car a way showing he is a man of the people?

Like supporting West Aston Ham Villa United.

I'm guessing it is a British-built, Japanese-badged car.  Although as a Bremain advocate, maybe he should have gone for something French, German or Italian.  At least it is Tory blue.  Maybe, as an image-conscious politician, there is more to think about after all.

And maybe he should have just let Sam Cam go out and choose her own car.