Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Camped Out

This seems to have been going on for ages.

But it has finally happened.

The last VW Kombi (or original style Camper Van) has rolled off the production line in Brazil.
To mark its demise, VW have produced a fine farewell video called "Last Wishes".

I know it's a bit schmaltzy but it is also quite enjoyable.  I wish I could work out which actress is doing the narration though.  She is obviously British and sounds very familiar.  The official blurb states that the narration is by "the van itself".  Yeah - right.

The video is done from an "I'm about to die" point of view so, to lighten the mood, here is my favourite comedian, Milton Jones, showing us around his VW Camper:

The modern-day equivalent, the VW Transporter is very square - both literally and in the way that the hippies who drove Campers in the 1960's would use the word.  Could VW have not gone down the retro route like they did with the Beetle?  Possibly, they did come up with the Bulli concept a few years back:

Although, that is a bit smaller and a bit more electric.
You may wonder how Australian travellers are now going to get around Europe.
Well, given the average age of the Campers being used by them today, I think they will just carry on running and running.
No worries.  No flowers.
Apart from in your hair.

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  1. According to this http://www.creativereview.co.uk/feed/april-2014/01/vw-type-2-kombi the narration is by a Brazilian actress called Maria Alice Vergueiro.